The Cycle of Happiness and Sorrow in Life – Why?

Lightning, thunderstorms and constant rain – the scene outside my window for the last couple of days. Even though, we are in the peak of summer, the dry spell doesn’t last for long, at-least in this country. Though there are these defined cycles of season, there are also those intermittent changes in weather which catch you off-guard.

When you start thinking about it, it’s not just the seasons, everything in our lives runs in cycles, cycles of time. The highs and lows of our lives leading to happiness and sorrow! But every once in a while, there are disruptions to these cycles. Some cycles run longer while some cycles are cut short by sudden series of events. Though sudden changes or surprises are not always pleasant to have but the worst is when you are in an endless cycle! When there is some kind of an endless cycle going on in your life?

It just turns us down, makes it difficult to breathe and we get drowned in our own lives!!! Like no rain and non stop summer…will eventually lead to drought and disaster. If you compare a person who has won a lottery for the first time vs. someone who has won it for the 100th time, who is going to be more happier? No guesses there! This answer won’t change even if the first person is winning just a small amount compared to the other person. Same way, a person experiencing pain for the first time vs a person who is prone to hardships in life! The first person will be the worst affected but will also make an attempt to find strength and stand up again after some time while the other person might just accept his fate to be that way!

Why don’t our life events follow a defined time pattern. If we know that things are going to change after x no. of days, life would be so much easier! Now, I think there is a reason when a particular cycle tends to go on endlessly in our lives. Maybe there is some lesson that life is trying to teach you but you are not getting it! If you learn your lesson timely, the cycle of life will also follow normal patterns. But when you don’t, you will find yourself in the same place without anything changing.

Every once in a while, we should take time to reflect upon our inner wounds and what each of them have taught us! Because every cycle has some purpose attached to it, the purpose which is focused on your soul growth. For example, the lesson for the person winning lottery for nth time is to probably teach him that money doesn’t mean everything or for the person facing constant struggles is to teach him faith and patience. Similarly, for someone dealing with the fear of rejection/abandonment, life keeps making him/her face similar situations in real life till this inner wound is healed and the person literally stops giving a fuck! The moment the person stops caring about it, things start changing! How many times have we heard similar stories from people around us? It is at that moment in life when you literally don’t care or give up on things, suddenly something happens that catches you off guard! The sudden rain after a prolonged summer!

The quote ” Life happens when you are busy doing other things“, is not lame! It’s because when you stop getting affected, it literally means you have learnt your lesson and healed your inner wounds. So, you can now move on to the next lesson that life intends to teach you!

But mind you, the learning never stops!

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