New Normal as they call it…

Since the time I wrote my last post, so much has changed. The world has gone upside down in this new era of Covid 19. For a period, it seemed like somebody has pushed a pause button to our lives!

Now as we are getting accustomed to living in such times, I started pondering about the last couple of months. During the initial days when the chaos started, this was the only topic of discussion with everyone, be it at workplace or with family and friends. There were long hours spent debating about what was happening to the world. Same banter with different people. Gradually, we started talking less and less about the world around and more about the impact on our individual lives. Everybody spoke about their frustrations for being bound to the walls of their homes.

There might be people who enjoyed being away from their workplace for the initial few days but as time went by, the scene changed for literally everyone. Sad as it might sound, for people like me, the work pressure increased multifold after Covid. It felt like there was no end to the day and is still the same. While there are no extra bonuses for this added work pressure, there is a fear of pay cuts.

What is this life? Why would God do something like this? Some say, it helped us go inside and spend more time with ourselves. There are other schools of thought like God’s way of resetting this world, showing mankind that there is this eternal force managing the show and we are but helpless souls at his mercy or God’s way of bringing us closer to him, God’s way of bringing balance to Mother Earth. The last part might be true to some extent. Because it has definitely helped rejuvenate the nature like low pollution levels, animals and other species rekindling their romance with the environment, etc etc

Whatever the reason might be, one wonders, what next? With most of the countries deciding to reopen, inspite of the pandemic threat, will the rest of our lives be like this? To live in fear? Things that we took for granted for so long like being able to travel to unknown places, eating food on the roadside, going on an adventure, seem to be like a distant reality for now.

One thing that all this has taught me – Cherish every damn thing in your life! Even the fact that we are able to breathe at this very moment!

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