Happy New Year 2020

It’s a new year and a new beginning. So, I thought to myself – “what should this year be like for me?” What is it that I wish for in the coming year! I pondered and pondered, quite a lot, I must say. Reflecting upon the last decade, memories of the past times, where I was, how I lived to where I am and my life today. This introspection was as overwhelming as it can be.

Often times, we get so engulfed in our daily lives that we don’t realize how far we have come in this journey called life. It’s only when you evaluate your life in the larger time frame, the miracle of fate and destiny unfolds before you. The things that seemed impossible a decade back are a reality of life today. Whether we like it or not, either through favorable or unfavorable circumstances, our souls are growing with each passing day, we just don’t realize it. The mysterious illusion of life blinds us in different ways to yearn for the happiness and to keep flattering ourselves with the false pretensions of life, which are all momentary in nature.

So, I decided instead of making different resolutions for the new year, which I may or may not be able to achieve, I should do something different. Change the way of life in itself and so, I dedicate this new year to ME. This year, will be all about focusing on MYSELF. My motto for this year and may be for times to come will be to “S.M.I.L.E”

S – Sleep More

M – Meditate More

I – Indulge in the Present More

L – Laugh More

E – Exercise More

Adios and happy new year to all!

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