What is destiny? Is it fixed for us?

Effects are predetermined but causes are subject to freewill 

I have been reading a lot of books and listening to lot many scholars lately around the whole concept of life, how it works and all the related stuff. This started when one of my friends recommended me a book by Dr. Joseph Murphy – “The power of Subconscious mind”. After reading this book, I learnt about the law of attraction, the power of thoughts and various other things. One thing led to another and I just got obsessed with reading more and more about life.

Then one day, a thought came to my mind. Generally there are many that come to mind all day long. But this was a little interesting! I tried to sum it all in one equation. Sounds stupid but then Mathematics was one of my favorite subjects. Can’t help it!

Thoughts + 2(Beliefs) + 3(Actions) =  ∑ Karma =  ƒ(destiny, time)

Isn’t it mind-blowing!

If what I have learnt is true, then it means that all your thoughts (positive or negative), inherent beliefs and the related action is what constitutes as Karma, which is reflected back as destiny over a certain time frame. This also means that your current destiny was predetermined based on your present or past karma. But we still have the free will to change our karma today so that the future destiny that will be determined is in our favor! Which indirectly means that we have the power to change our destiny!

Our Destiny is changing everyday based on whatever karma we are releasing out on a daily basis!

Positive thoughts create positive karma and hence a favorable destiny and vice versa. Thoughts do have the power to create destiny but our subconscious beliefs are twice more powerful than our thoughts and our actions that we take, have even more power than our core beliefs. Thinking positively but not believing in it creates much less power to change destiny and if it is combined with negative beliefs, then the resulting destiny is also negative due to the higher power of beliefs in this equation.

Hence, it goes without saying that if we want to achieve something in life – we need to first set out positive thoughts around what we want, we need to believe that it will come to us and then take appropriate steps/actions in this direction. Destiny will create its magic one day, someday! When and how is something we don’t know but what we know is that it will, for SURE!

The other important thing is consistency. We need to remember that karma is a summation ( ∑ ). Most people start out with a positive equation but with time, loose hope, start doubting everything and release negative karma disturbing the whole equation. Something like this –

(1+2+3)+ (2+4+6) + …..+(-1-2-3)+ (-3-6-9) +…. = 6 + 12….-6 – 18+….= -6 + ….

The results are again negative. We can change our karma into positive any time but it again creates a time delay in achieving what we had set out for. It is like a vicious cycle. You can create magic in your life only with consistency which is the toughest part and where most of us fail. But this is how it is supposed to be and this is how we are tested by the Universe. This is how we get to know what we truly are passionate about and this is how we create power to change our life.

Moral of the story – You can create the miracles that you want to see in your life! Everything is possible. Just stay positive, believe, and take actions. But do this consistently. REST will be taken care of!

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