My Skydiving Experience!!!

There is a smile on my face as I start thinking about that particular moment when I did this. Yes, I did it!!!

Skydiving was something that was going on my mind for a very long time. It was one of those items, like so many others, on my bucket list. But I never really gave it a thought or plan this. While the idea was exciting, but getting the courage to do it is another level altogether.

The series of incidents that led me to do this is even more amusing. On one particular day, I was very frustrated with my life, feeling lost, miserable and depressed. I just wanted to vent out my frustration somehow. Then, I came across an advertisement online for a skydiving center. I immediately made up my mind that I need to do this, probably because of the extreme emotions that I was going through. I called them up and set up an appointment, for exactly one week later.

But you don’t feel the same way everyday. Lol. One week later, I wasn’t that frustrated with life!!! Haha…and I got cold feet. I didn’t want to cancel it and so, I pushed it out by another week. Finally, I did make up my mind to do this. But I have to admit, every single moment on the way to the skydiving center, I constantly kept thinking whether I should do it or not!!! But once I reached there, I knew I wanted to do it so bad. All the fear was replaced by heightened emotions of excitement and a little nervousness.

That particular moment when I had to jump from the plane, the free fall when I actually felt like I was flying for a few seconds, will be the most memorable moments of my life. The best part is that when you are actually in the air, there is no fear, no nervousness nothing. It only feels out of the world, unimaginable and you just want that you get more time up there!!!

By the way because I had suddenly made this decision, I had no company or friends along with me. I went all alone and did this all by myself. And I know that I want to do it again!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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