Mind Conditioning for a positive life – really?

There are days in your life when you suddenly feel refreshed and a new zest for life like never before. You feel stupid for worrying so much about life’s problems and make an attempt to visualize the grander scheme of things in your life. But by the end of the day, everything goes for a toss and you are back to those feelings of stress, anxiety, worry and imagining the worst of all the situations with a “what if” scenario in a feedback loop. How can we make our mind stick to those positive thoughts forever? Is it really in our control? Even if it is, we are all humans and with the way we are designed, it is difficult to not be perturbed by your external circumstances even if we keep motivating ourselves all the time.

Then what’s the solution. I have heard research scholars, yogis and psychologists all over the world frequently say – ” It’s all in your mind”, “Positive or negative mindset manifests likewise in your reality”, “Inner peace leads to everlasting happiness” etc. It’s so strange then if we come to think about it. Our own mind is the biggest barrier to our overall growth and development as a soul, creating an obstacle to the very happiness and peace of mind that we so passionately are after. If we are to seek everything within ourselves, then why are we as humans designed to look outwards? Why do we always have to learn from all the bitter experiences in life? Why haven’t we been taught the basic principles of life which is to condition your mind by anyone – be it at home or school as part of our early education? If everything in life is controlled by your mind, then why is mental health not given the kind of importance that it should receive. May be, if we had been taught to control our minds as part of our early education, we would all have become happier individuals and happier society as a whole.

It’s only after going through a great amount of suffering, we are pushed to looking inwards. Some come out of this dark night of the soul like a phoenix from the ashes, few others are stuck in it like being in a mire struggling every day for their very existence, while there are few more who just give up on life by either adopting to evil practices or ending their lives. Behind every noble or evil individual, are the life circumstances which are external to him that have made him so. How are we supposed to create a balance between our internal and external circumstances?

What exactly does inner peace or bliss even mean? The answer that I have usually got is “not being disturbed by anything external to you, a state where nothing matters is a blissful state”. It’s like becoming numb to everything around you, you either learn to become like this through your own mind conditioning or life will throw you into such circumstances where you will grow tired and ultimately become numb to everything around you!!! And when you reach that point, say cheers because you are in a blissful state. You will attract all the favorable external circumstances towards you as per the Cosmic scholars because you are already happier or numb whatever within yourself. You will get what you always wanted when you no longer have the desire for it!!!

Like i said before, cosmic math is all fucked up or we have understood it all wrong. Something just doesn’t fit in this life puzzle.


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