The Journey Begins

In Search Of Myself!!!

This is my first post and to be frank, i am not really sure on why i am doing this. May be i am just at a stage in life, dealing with some kind of an identity crisis. I am not sure if anyone will really relate to what i am saying but that is okay. This is my own way of knowing myself better.

So, the other day i went to a book store and thought of buying myself a book. I was amazed at the sheer number of self help books available out there and more so, at the number that are in circulation and are being sold. From ways of trying to understand more about yourself, to achieving happiness, success, peace of mind, methods of meditation, laws of universe, attraction and how they work, cosmic energies at play and so forth. There is a never ending list of self help books which are being written day in and day out. In fact, there is a book which basically gives nothing but a listing of all the books that you can possibly read to help you achieve that state of nirvana!!! Another one just lists all the beautiful and positive quotes about life coming from great authors. Hats off to these folks for reading all the books out there, just to pick up the best lines and put it in one place for the readers. Pretty amazing social service, huh!

Few days back, when I was on a flight back home, I saw a co-passenger who looked like some big shot with a seemingly happy face and family; reading a book on “Happiness”. Makes me wonder that there are a decent number of people out there who are feeling lost and out of sync with their daily lives, which is the sole reason for such books being written and sold in high numbers. I kept on thinking and that is where my search started. What exactly is happiness? What are we searching for and where are we going? Do we really know and understand why and what we are doing in our everyday lives ? And if we do, then why are we still in pursuit of the same happiness elsewhere. Why are we in search of something more?

There are people who claim to have found happiness in the work they do, some in pursuance of a dream that they wish to fulfill, while few others in the love that they have for their partners or families but are still searching for something more. There are people who will vouch for the happiness that you get through religious or meditation activities or spirituality but even they are still searching. There are n number of  videos available on Youtube and other channels by different people, giving lectures and taking seminars/conferences around how to live life, be happy and keep calm. And the list is never ending!

The other day, i read an article, which said that the happiest man on this earth is living somewhere in Himalayan mountains, a Tibetan Buddhist monk. There was a scientific research carried out on his mind to understand how it works and how has he been able to be happy at all times. Looks like living in Himalayas has some good side effects.

So much for our pursuits of happiness!!!

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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